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Developing a new product, service or process can be costly, time consuming and risky. With a 70% success rate, Myriad Associates can help you finance your innovative project by securing R&D grant money from the government, that you don’t need to pay back.

R&D Grants

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Either work through the following six short sections to learn how to secure R&D grant funding for your innovative projects, or click on the relevant link below.

What are R&D Grants?

R&D grants are lump sums of money given to Irish companies by the government to fund the research and development of innovative products, services and processes.

If you’re conducting research and development to try and resolve a technical uncertainty, you could be eligible for R&D grant funding.

To be successful, your application must describe, in detail, the new commercial opportunity you’ve found, how you plan to exploit it, and how it will transform the market.

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How do I apply for an R&D grant?

Applying for an R&D grant is competitive and time-consuming. For your application to win, you must:

  1. Make a strong case for your R&D project from a technical, commercial & financial perspective
  2. Meet the criteria of the R&D grant scheme you’re applying for

Find out more via the FAQ's below

What R&D grants are available?

Irish companies and organisations can apply for innovation grants from Enterprise Ireland as well as European grants. The key sources of R&D grant funding within Europe are listed below:

Horizon Europe is the successor to the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The aim of Horizon Europe is to shape the future of Europe through research and innovation. It will run from 2021 to 2027 with a budget of €95.5 billion.. You can find out more on our Horizon Europe page

EUREKA Eurostars is a European programme for innovative SMEs wanting to take part in collaborative research with partners across Europe and associated countries. Enterprise Ireland supports Irish SMEs who want to get involved. You can find out more on our EUREKA Eurostars page. 

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"With the help of Myriad, our application ranked #1 in Horizon 2020's Fast Track to Innovation across Europe....it opened doors to investors, potential business partners, physicians and much more"

Dr John Thompson

Co-founder, AuriGen Ltd

How do I apply for an R&D Grant?

Applying for a grant is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. You need to be able to make a very strong case for your innovation, from both a technical and a commercial perspective, for your grant application to be successful.

Each grant competition has its own rules and requirements. You need to ensure that your innovation meets the competition scope and that you are eligible to apply. For further guidance, you can contact us to determine whether your applying for the right competition.

Grant applications are usually examined by independent experts in the area of innovation identified in the application. The number of experts scoring the application depend on the grant awarding body.

Award-winning projects will involve breakthrough technologies and disruptive innovations that draw on unique strengths from Europe and provide global opportunities to scale up.

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How can we help?

Myriad Associates have an enviable track record with R&D grant applications. Using our grant application services can give you a significant competitive advantage over other grant applicants.

Our grant bid writers have secured over €200m for our clients in the last 24 months. We are also very proud to have secured some of the highest scoring applications in Europe, with five of our projects scoring 15/15.

About Myriad Associates
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  • #1 European grants team - We employ leading bid writers who write compelling applications.
  • Templates & tools - Our templates make it easy to collaborate & prepare a winning bid.
  • 70% Success rates - Dramatically improve your chances of success.
  • A complete service - On receipt of your offer letter, we help you with all administrative requirements to ensure prompt receipt of grant funds.
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Our results

  • €300 Million+ in Grants secured in just 3 years.
  • DTIF: 17 wins.
  • Horizon Europe EIC: 32 wins.
  • Other EU Grants: 9 wins.
  • #1 Ranking: Achieved three times in European grant funding applications.
  • #2 Ranking: Earned four times in European grant funding applications.
  • Top 5 Ranking: Achieved four times in Europe.
  • Perfect Score: Scored 15/15 in 3 EU funding applications.

Frequently asked questions

Applying for a research and development grant requires a huge time commitment.

Myriad Associates would recommend that you follow the below process if you plan to submit your own application for R&D funding:

  • Outline the project, describe the research and development you want to undertake and explain what market need it’s fulfilling.
  • Work out how much capital you can put towards the project and how much extra funding you will need. A grant provider will want to see that your business is sound and that your project is financially viable.
  • Investigate what schemes you might qualify for. Check whether any project costs might qualify for R&D tax credits as an R&D grant could impact this.
  • Reach out to the grant scheme and confirm exactly what you need to do to apply for the funding you require.
  • Grant applications are time-consuming, a big drain on resources and are very competitive. So, think carefully about whether you want to make this commitment before you go any further.
  • Write the grant application. Take care to make sure your application is clear and articulates the business opportunity.
  • Depending on the R&D grant scheme, the decision may take several months to make. Be patient and bear in mind that you may need to provide extra proof of expenditure to claim your reimbursement.

Your grant application is more likely to be successful if it:

  • Explains the positive impact your innovative project will have on your business and the market in general.
  • Demonstrates why your business will succeed with this innovation over any of your competitors.
  • Shows that you have a clear understanding of the target markets, including potentially competing products and your concept for commercialisation.
  • Confirms why your proposed product, process, or service is a radically new application that will transform the marketplace.

Each R&D grant scheme has its own timeline for providing feedback and a decision on funding. It could take a few weeks, or it could be several months.

If your application is successful, you will need to provide the information required by the grant awarding body, which may include further documentation and financial checks. Depending on the awarding body, you may be assigned a monitoring officer.

Funding is generally paid in arrears, once the required audits and reports are complete. Each grant awarding body has its own payment rules.

Grants often fund activities that support the research and development of an innovative product, service or process, such as:

  • feasibility studies
  • development of prototypes
  • collaboration with other businesses or with academic researchers

Yes. You can receive R&D grant funding and also claim R&D tax credits for the same project. However, to get the maximum amount of R&D credits, there are several complex stipulations that you must understand before you progress with your R&D tax claim and R&D grant application.

R&D grant and tax credit specialists like Myriad Associates can advise you on how to get the maximum amount of R&D tax credits and R&D grant funding for your innovative projects. Contact us now for help, support and guidance.

Grant applications are usually examined by independent experts in the area of innovation identified in the application. The number of experts scoring the application depend on the grant awarding body.

Does your business qualify?

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