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Taighde Éireann - Research Ireland: A New Era of Research and Innovation in Ireland

Explore Taighde Éireann - Research Ireland, Ireland's new unified funding agency for research and innovation.

Marc Greatrex

Director - Grants Division


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Ireland is embarking on a new chapter in its research and innovation journey with the formation of Taighde Éireann - Research Ireland. This new agency, announced by Minister Simon Harris, marks a significant leap in Ireland's commitment to fostering a robust and inclusive research environment.

Unifying Research and Innovation

Taighde Éireann, expected to be operational in 2024, will bring together the Irish Research Council and Science Foundation Ireland. This merger is not just a unification of two entities but a strategic move to create a more competitive, efficient, and holistic funding body for research and innovation across Ireland

Broadening the Horizon

What sets Taighde Éireann apart is its inclusive approach. The agency will fund research across a spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Technology. This multidisciplinary support system is designed to foster innovation and excellence across all research sectors, making it a game-changer in the Irish research landscape

Strategic Alignment with National Goals

Aligned with the Irish government's strategic objectives of Impact 2030, Taighde Éireann is expected to strengthen Ireland's global position in research and innovation. This includes promoting research that contributes to Ireland’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental development and sustainability.

Stakeholder Engagement: A Collaborative Approach

The agency's establishment has involved extensive stakeholder consultation, highlighting the importance of community engagement in shaping effective research policies. This collaborative approach promises to yield policies that are well-informed and broadly supported, ensuring the agency's long-term success.

Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Reflecting modern research principles, Taighde Éireann prioritises advancing equality, diversity, and inclusion. This commitment is crucial in creating a research environment that is not only innovative but also reflective of a diverse set of perspectives and experiences.

The inception of Taighde Éireann - Research Ireland represents a pivotal moment for the Irish research community. It promises to invigorate the research landscape with its inclusive, collaborative, and strategic approach. 

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