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Myriad Associates Welcomes 3 New Arrivals

After an incredibly tough year filled with uncertainty and worry, Myriad Associates are pleased to welcome three new additions to the team!

Barrie Dowsett

Chief Executive Officer


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Rabia Mohammad

First up, meet Rabia Mohammed.

The most innovative thing I’ve seen is… a supercomputer that can detect natural hazards before they’ve happened!”

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Rabia has joined Myriad Associates as a kind, hardworking and reliable Corporate Tax Associate who can’t live without cake, tea and her mobile phone.

In her role at Myriad Associates, Rabia is responsible for reviewing, analysing and optimising the costing and financial elements of her clients’ R&D claims, and submitting these claims to HMRC.

Pre-Myriad Associates, Rabia worked as a Senior Accountant for an Accountancy practice based in Surrey, where she was responsible for personal and corporation tax preparation and submissions.

So, what made Rabia want to work for Myriad Associates?

Myriad is a specialist R&D tax and grant funding company, and they are very unique in terms of their consultancy plus the Tax Cloud online portal, that encouraged me to join.

I also found Barrie and Lisa very approachable during the interview process and it came across as a wonderful place to work!”

Rabia’s biggest achievement to date is receiving a World Distinction in Pure Mathematics. It’s this passion for numbers and analysis, and her drive to become an R&D tax specialist while completing the CTA qualification, that makes Rabia an irreplaceable addition to the team.

But let’s get down to the important stuff…

If Rabia was stranded on a desert island what luxury item, song and book would she take with her?

I’d take a family photo, I’d listen to instrumental music, and I’d spend my time reading Lord of the Rings.”

Georgina Quaife

Next, meet Georgina Quaife.

“The most innovative thing I’ve seen is… in film technology.
I watched Soul when it first came out and I could not stop thinking how amazing something as simple as their clothing looked, it was like you could reach out and touch it!”

Georgina, George, or GQ as she’s often called, is a Surrey-based inquisitive, bubbly and thoughtful Senior Technical Analyst / Writer who cannot live without her cats, tea, or films.

At Myriad Associates, Georgina works with clients to understand their R&D projects and writes technical reports to support their R&D Tax Credit claims. She loves learning about R&D technicalities and is striving to become the best Technical Analyst / Writer she can be.

Georgina came to Myriad Associates from Sky where, in her role as a Business Analyst, she was working with software developers to create and implement solutions to meet business requirements. Having been at Sky for over 10 years, what made Georgina decide to join Myriad Associates?

The role of a Technical Writer / Analyst really speaks to my strengths as I love learning about new things and writing about them!

I also wanted to work somewhere small after being with such a huge company for such a long time.

Myriad looked like a nice and friendly place to work. The role also enables me to learn about new technology every day which is something I’m really looking forward to.

With a masters degree in criminology, if Georgina was stranded on a desert island…

I’d take a solar-powered satellite phone, I’d listen to anything by Panic at the Disco, and I’d read the Bear Grylls Survival Skills Handbook.”

Amanda Greenwood

Finally, meet Amanda Greenwood.

“The most innovative thing I’ve seen is… my Dads lawnmower robots. They crawl around the garden all day every day, slowly eating the grass. He never has to mow the lawn again!”

Amanda is our passionate, driven and hard-working copywriter. A Yorkshire lass at heart, she can’t live without her dog Tank, hula hoops and white wine.

As a copywriter, her main responsibilities include writing copy for the four Myriad Associates websites, creating interesting and topical blog posts, and supporting all marketing campaigns and initiatives with her writing skills.

While she’s at Myriad Associates, Amanda is looking forward to developing some strong buyer personas so she can write targeted copy that resonates with the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Having previously worked as a senior writer and content strategist for a SaaS start-up, what made Amanda want to join Myriad Associates?

"I also admire their company ethos; it feels like they’re a real family and their enthusiasm and passion for helping customers with innovation funding is inspiring."

Although writing is her biggest passion, Amanda’s biggest achievement is running a marathon in 3 hours 45 minutes, on her own, during lockdown.

So, if Amanda was stranded on a desert island, what item would she take, what would she listen to and what would she read?

“Although I can’t live without my dog, I’d have to ditch him in favour of fly spray. I’d listen to “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones, and I’d re-read Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts.”

And there you have it: Myriad Associates three newest faces.

But there are even more to come! So watch this space for more new arrivals over the coming months…

Want to meet the rest of our team?

To learn more about our 3 new arrivals and the rest of Myriad Associates team, click here to view our meet the team page.

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