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DTIF Call 7: A New Call Awaits in Early 2024

Stay ahead with our latest blog on the approaching 2024 Call 7 of the DTIF

Marc Greatrex

Director - Grants Division


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As we approach 2024, a significant funding opportunity looms on the horizon for innovators and entrepreneurs as the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF) announces it's call 7 will be most likely announced early 2024.

This article serves as a timely reminder and guide for those planning to apply.

DTIF: Advancing Ireland's Technological Frontiers

On the national front, the DTIF represents Ireland's commitment to nurturing disruptive technologies with the potential for significant economic impact. It focuses on collaborative projects that align with Ireland's strategic objectives in technology and sustainability.

Learn more about the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF).

Preparing for the Call

With the DTIF Call 7 envisioned to be announced early 2024, it's crucial for interested parties to begin preparations. This involves:

  • Understanding the specific criteria and objectives of each fund.
  • Identifying potential project ideas that align with these criteria.
  • Building strong consortia or partnerships, particularly for DTIF applicants.
  • Refining project proposals to highlight innovation, market potential, and alignment with strategic goals.

Utilising Available Resources

The DTIF offer various resources to aid applicants. Webinars, guidance documents, and past success stories can provide invaluable insights into the application process and expectations.

All of which can be found here: 

The upcoming call 7 for the DTIF presents significant opportunities for European and Irish innovators. By preparing diligently and leveraging available resources, applicants can enhance their chances of securing these coveted funds.

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