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What financial help is available for small businesses and start-ups in Ireland?

Starting a successful business is scary - but you’re not alone. To help you financially along the way, there’s a massive range of grants, loans, tax breaks and other funding available.

Barrie Dowsett

Chief Executive Officer


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Starting a successful business is scary - but you’re not alone. In fact, according to ThinkBusiness.ie, more than 25,000 businesses were started in Ireland in 2021 alone - and that's despite a global pandemic to contend with.

To help you financially along the way, there’s a massive range of grants, loans, tax breaks and other funding available.

To get you started, we have put together a sample list of some of the various financial supports available for SMEs and start-ups in the Republic of Ireland. It’s by no means exhaustive but will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Getting your business started

If you’re brand new to the world of business and are looking to build your company from scratch, the Local Enterprise Office is a great place to start. Aimed at anyone who is looking to start or expand a business, The Local Enterprise Office also offers support for entrepreneurs, SMEs and basically anyone with an idea they want to take forward but need some financial help. This might include the following:

Short Term Enterprise Allowance

The Short-Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA) offers support to individuals who have been made unemployed for any reason and wish to start their own business.

Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE)

Already started your business but need cash to grow it? The Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs scheme is for you. It could mean you will be able to claim back income tax if you are starting a new business and are employed, unemployed or have recently been made redundant.

Three-year corporate tax exemption

The idea behind this scheme is to give relief from corporation tax on the income a business makes on trading for the first three years.

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

If you have been unemployed and receiving certain types of social welfare for between 9 and 12 months, the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance means you can carry on getting your social welfare payments for two years after setting up a new business. It acts as an incentive because your social welfare payments will continue to act as a safety net.

Innovation vouchers

If you currently own or are managing an SME, you may be eligible for an innovation voucher for around €5,000 (as long as it’s a limited company) to spend on building your company.

The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme

This scheme allows individual investors to receive tax relief on further investments they make in other organisations. See Revenue.ie for more information.

Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN)

The Halo Business Angel Network is an umbrella group that works to support all early-stage entrepreneurs throughout the whole of Ireland. It also acts to boost the number of angel investors that choose to invest in early stage businesses.

High Potential Start-Up Feasibility Study Grant

The aim of the High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) Feasibility Grant is to assist an early stage company or individual entrepreneur to investigate the viability of a new export orientated business or proposition. Typical elements involved in carrying out a feasibility study include; market research, Business Plan development, technical research, prototyping.

Public supports for start-ups

Public support for new business ventures has grown in recent years to include the new entrepreneur development programme from New Frontiers. Places are limited but successful candidates will enjoy both cash and training in areas like marketing, sales and business planning. It’s highly competitive, making it really important that you have a sustainable new business idea that will trade internationally, generate revenue and create employment.

Early private support for start-ups

There are several ways to gain private support for your new business that are also well worth considering.

NDRC LaunchPad

The NDRC LaunchPad is specially designed for aspiring tech entrepreneurs have who have a product or concept they can viably bring to market and achieve a reliable commercial return. It offers pre-seed money of €20,000 per project to support entrepreneurs during its three-month programme.

Enterprise Ireland funded campus incubation centres

These incubation centres are funded by Enterprise Ireland and are situated on the campuses of Irish universities and technology institutes. They are there to provide space, support and other services to start-ups and other small enterprises.

Private accelerator support for start-ups

There are also a few reliable options when it comes to gaining seed capital for your business. These include:


Seedcamp is a world-class European acceleration fund designed for pre-seed and seed stage businesses. You can find out more information on the Seedcamp website.

Start-up funds

Enterprise Ireland works with individuals looking for both seed stage and pre-seed investment for a new business. It offers a range of solutions for start-ups, including:

Google Ventures

Part of Google’s business arm - Google Ventures (GV) - has a ring-fenced fund of $100 million set aside specifically for local start-ups. GV has a particular focus on life science and technology investment in particular so could well be of interest if your business is in this area.

Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise cash for anything from home improvements to holidays and businesses have been getting in on the action for a while. Increasingly, crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way to raise seed capital and funds to cover other business expenses. In Ireland there are sites which are specially designed for this such as Linked Finance.

Growing your business

If you’re planning to grow and develop your business (and what savvy business man or woman wouldn’t?) then a great way to finance it is through R&D Tax Credits, designed to encourage investment by companies into research and development. A key challenge for SMEs lies in understanding the difference between R&D and other everyday business activities which is where qualified accountants like us can advise you.

Venture Capital Funding

Is your business ambitious and hungry to expand into a major global enterprise? Venture Capital funds can help by investing in businesses that are looking to raise €500k or more in equity. Your business must be in an attractive and fast-growing sector, with highly demonstrable skills and a strong management team. The product or service you offer must also solve a specifically identifiable problem.

Accelerated Capital Allowance

The Accelerated Capital Allowance exists to encourage companies who pay corporation tax to purchase energy efficient machinery and equipment. Businesses who do so are then allowed to write-off 100% of the cost price of such equipment against its profit in the tax year it was purchased in.

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