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We sat down with Bláth Kenneally, Finance Manager at HRLocker to discuss how the team at Myriad Associates were able to help them secure and R&D tax credits claim with Revenue.

How did you determine you qualified for R&D Tax Credits?

"Well we're a software development company, so I suppose research and development is at the core of what we do. We do the whole [software] package really from beginning to end, so the research and the development of the software is a large part of it. The software team is the the biggest element really in the company."

What were you looking for in an R&D tax credit advisor?

"What we really needed I suppose was a partner who would be able to understand the software development side of it [the software] and why what we were doing was a scientific innovation.

They [Revenue] need to be able to see that it's something new something that isn't out there and available see that we have looked out there for it [the software] found that it wasn't there and then done the work to develop it

In addition, the very fact of working with an external company [Myriad Associates] to help prepare our claim and a company that has done many of these before for companies and submitting them to Revenue, without an issue, means that Revenue would have more confidence in the claim and it would probably take less time then to review it and and approve it."

What was your experience like working with the Myriad Associates team?

"Yeah I found working with the Myriad team members was very easy, Barrie came over to us
in 2018 in Lahinch and we met him there and that meeting was very productive."

Were you happy with the final outcome of your claim?

Yeah well as I say, we submitted the 2018 claim to Revenue by the end of 2019 as required
and they have already paid out a portion of that there is another portion of it due now but because of the COVID situation Revenue are tending to move a bit slower on these things but that's nobody's fault.

Would you recommend Myriad Associates?

"My experience of Myriad was very positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone else....we gave them the information that they requested and they requested what they needed, which is important,  and they put it together into a report and submitted the report back to us. There was a technical report and the financial report and they submitted those back to us for review and approval and we had no issues with it , no issues at all with them. I would recommend them yes."

I would recommend Myriad, yes

"My experience of Myriad was very positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone else"

Bláth Kenneally
Finance Manager, HRLocker

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