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Arden Biotech

Arden Biotechnology

Arden Biotechnology is a Lincolnshire based start-up that specialises in developing natural, cutting-edge ways to remove antimicrobials from meat production.

“I would recommend Myriad without any hesitation at all. My experience with them has been excellent.”

Chris Stanford Chief Executive Officer

About Arden BioTech

Arden Biotechnology is a Lincolnshire based start-up that specialises in developing natural, cutting-edge ways to remove antimicrobials from meat production.

Run by Managing Director Chris Stanford, Arden Biotech has a reputation within the agricultural industry for its ground-breaking work in developing technology-based solutions to control pathogens that affect livestock in animal husbandry situations.

The biggest problem that Arden biotech faces is the excruciatingly high costs that come with the type of research, development and regulatory approval that they need to be able to launch their pioneering products into the marketplace.

The opportunity

Arden Biotech have worked with the Myriad Associates grant team, led by Marc Greatrex and Dr Rehman Rafiq, four times and have successfully secured funding for three large-scale projects.

The most recent application that Myriad Associates helped Arden Biotech win will fund the development of a high-tech solution that farmers can use to increase the sustainability and the efficiency of their farming and livestock processes.

With another grant application currently in progress, Arden Biotech are confident that they will secure the funding they need to transfer the technology they’ve developed for animals into the human biology sector.

As a result of working with Myriad, we have been able to secure grant funding on three separate occasions, and we're currently waiting for the results of another grant application we've made. We certainly think that with Myriad’s help, we've been able to produce a very strong application.”

How we helped

Before working with Myriad Associates, Chris and his team had written and submitted an unsuccessful grant application. Although their application scored highly, it wasn’t enough to win the funding they needed.

This prompted them to hire Myriad Associates: A grant writing team, with a reputation for having a diligent approach and the specialist knowledge needed to write and submit successful grant applications.

Thanks to their vast experience in the grant funding industry, Dr Rehman Rafiq and his team were able to interpret the questions that were being asked in the application and work with Arden Biotech to provide the answers that the grant funding examiners were really looking for.

Myriad Associates gave Arden Biotech the specialist support, attention to detail and intelligent input that was needed to secure funding for their key project, at an affordable rate.

I knew I was getting the specialist support that I needed at a cost that we could afford. There are fees, but in my view they're very reasonable for the level of specialist support that we get.”

The reward

The Myriad Associates grant writing team have a 75%-win rate with Arden Biotech. They’ve won three out of four grant applications, which is remarkable when you consider how competitive the grant funding landscape is. The fourth application missed out by a whisker, but Myriad Associates are resubmitting the application and are confident that it will win, second time around.

Aside from writing and submitting three out of four successful grant applications, the team have helped Arden biotech reassess and validate their business strategy. The approach the grant team takes when writing the applications encourages thought, questions and assessment which helps shape and inform future strategies. 

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