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Georgina Quaife

Senior Technical Analyst/Writer

This role encompasses the things I enjoy the most, which is learning about new technologies, asking lots of questions, and writing about technical things in a non-technical way. I also enjoy working closely with clients to understand the work they do and how they do it.

Georgina Quaife
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Georgina is our Senior Technical Analyst/Writer and works with clients to understand their R&D projects and supports their R&D claims by preparing robust technical reports that stand up to HMRC scrutiny. In her previous role, Georgina worked as business analyst for Sky 10 years.

Outside of work,  Georgina enjoys looking after her three cats which in her words is "amazing but also a bit of a nightmare when they squabble". She's also a total film geek (her favourite film of all time is Back to the Future), and she's had a fascination with true crime since a relatively young age.


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I’ve been on Blue Peter three times.

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Worked in Disneyworld Florida.

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I have a Masters in Criminology.

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I worked for Sky for 10 years.


Film Geek

True Crime

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